Pemba Island

This small island in the sun has grown in popularity as the fortunes of Zanzibar have grown…the reason being that, on Zanzibar there are around 150 hotels, and on Pemba there are around 3! Getting to the lodges is, in itself a mission, and can involve planes, vehicles and boats….and what you are getting is utter seclusion!

The main town of Chake Chake sits right in the heart of the main island and is the location for the small airport and around 70% of the island’s population. Life has changed very little in this town and on the island, with the main agricultural export being cloves.

To talk of Pemba and not mention the diving would be heinous as it offers some of the best along the entire east African coastline with a range of levels, from beginner to advanced. One of the best sites that we have heard about (but, unfortunately not yet dived) is a pinnacle dive out in the Pemba channel where it is possible to see schooling hammerheads…don’t worry, the never come in around the island!

All in all, Pemba offers a bit of everything and excels at a few things. The diving is world class, the beaches on the mainland are reasonable, but there are superb sand bars and spits within minutes, and the general ambience is one of utter seclusion. We have started to really recommend the place…

Size:380 square miles

Location: Due North of Zanzibar

Recommended time : 5 to 7 nights

Time to visit : June to Nov & Jan to Mar

Topography : Natural forest and clove plantations, mangrove coast

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    P.O. Box 2739 Arusha - Tanzania

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    +225 752 562 626