Siafu Tanzania Safari

5-Day Zanzibar Beach Retreat and Stone Town Exploration

herd of zebra in the Serengeti

Discover the Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Cultural Immersion Day 1: Arrival in Zanzibar Upon your arrival in Zanzibar, you will be warmly welcomed by your guide and transferred to your beachfront accommodation. Take some time to settle in and enjoy the stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Relax, unwind, and get ready for an […]

8-Day Classic Tanzania Wildlife Expedition

herd of zebra in the Serengeti

Discover the Splendor of the Serengeti and More Embark on an extraordinary 8-day Classic Tanzania Wildlife Expedition that takes you through the heart of Tanzania’s most iconic national parks and reserves. From the vast plains of the Serengeti to the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, prepare yourself for unparalleled wildlife encounters and stunning landscapes. Day 1: Arrival […]

15-Day Best of Tanzania and Kenya Safari

herd of zebra in the Serengeti

A Journey of Wildlife and Culture Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with our 15-day Best of Tanzania and Kenya Safari itinerary. This carefully curated journey takes you through the iconic landscapes of East Africa, immersing you in the captivating wildlife and rich cultural heritage of Tanzania and Kenya. From the iconic Serengeti National […]